Where was god last night?

Last night a 64 year old man opened fire from the 32nd floor of his hotel onto a crowd of people attending a country music concert in Las Vegas. No doubt you will have heard about it by now.

If you believe in an all loving god who listens to and answers prayers and intervenes on our behalf, WHERE WAS HE LAST NIGHT?

Did he just sit by and watch the massacre?

Why not reach a hand out over the crowd and stop the bullets from hitting them? How easy would that have been?

If you find yourself thinking well he did intervene in the form of the police and the guy shooting himself . . . How is that any different than the police coming in and the guy shooting himself without any god involved?

You know people were panicking, running, and praying with every fiber of their being for their god to protect them and let them survive this . . . And they died. Horribly. Others prayed to their god and lived. Why? Why should some prayers be answered and only some people be protected while others praying just as hard were not spared? It’s as though there were no god intervening at all.

And yet people will praise their god today. Even without any action on his part to prevent this or any tragedy. Death. Destruction. It doesn’t matter to a person of faith how completely horrific the crime, incident, event, tragedy is or how sick the idea is that he sits and watches it all unfold.

How does one reconcile these tragedies with a loving god? Free will, right? He doesn’t prevent the free will of humans no matter how depraved the act. The free will of the child rapist is more important than the life or well being of the child.

So, if he doesn’t intervene to preserve free will, why in the world would you pray to ask him to intervene on your behalf? You believe that he does in fact step in to answer your prayers, right? Why would he intervene to bring about good but not intervene to prevent bad? Wouldn’t that be ‘good’?

Do you see how little this all makes sense?

Not to mention, if you believe all it takes is a particular prayer/acceptance of god to get into heaven, then you have to reconcile the idea that the shooter could have done so at any time even up until the point of death.

Which would place him right alongside some of his victims in heaven for all eternity.

That is messed up.

This would also mean that like 99% of the prison population will be partying with you in heaven while 97% of the National Academy of Sciences are sent to hell to be punished and tortured for all eternity? All the freethinkers, philosophers, scientists, educators who did real good in their lives to help advance the human race – they suffer while murders and rapists party in heaven? With their victims?

Welcome to heaven. Say hi to the guy that raped and killed you.

Perhaps you find yourself thinking that some good must come of this tragedy in Las Vegas or Orlando or the hundreds of other acts of senseless violence happening around the world every day. Maybe this was necessary to bring people to Jesus. Not only does that reasoning minimize the impact of what has happened by suggesting it is in any way ‘good’, what kind of god would convert people in this way?!? Just think for a moment how sick and twisted that is. This person has a hard heart but in order to bring them into the fold, I’m going to allow the largest massacre in recent U.S. history convince them to come to me and worship me.

Disgusting. It reminds me of the words scraped into the wall of a German concentration camp – “If there is a god, he will have to beg my forgiveness”

Note that the Jews are his chosen people and he dropped manna from the sky to feed them, parted the Red Sea to ensure safe passage for them, but did nothing to save them from Hitler.

Nevermind that we see NO evidence of any such miracles today nor any evidence of miracles purported in the Bible. Archeologists (eager ones at that) have combed the Middle East for evidence but have not found the ark, the Ten Commandment tablets, evidence of the flood or of every animal migrating from the middle east to the ends of the earth where we find them now – nothinggggg.

I could go on and on about lack of evidence (despite having archeological artifacts from history before, during, and after biblical events would have occurred). That doesn’t matter right now.

We have a bigger problem to deal with.

When are we going to realize that the work of saving lives and preventing violence falls on us humans?

It is incredibly frustrating that we are not able to work on solving problems like guns + mental illness = mass death because we are too focused on rationalizing tragedy than working on solutions and prevention.

It is easy to be discouraged right now. We have come so far and yet people are attributing hurricanes to punishment for Obama, gay marriage or abortion. I have heard far too many claims recently that we are in the end times . . . as every previous generation has also asserted. The world is going to end. Let’s throw our hands up and wait for Jesus to come back.

I kid you not that I was told (jokingly, I hope) that one person wished the pale horse would ride in, Jesus would come back already and save us all from ourselves. The pale horse is a reference to the four horsemen of the apocalypse as told in the book of Revelations. This is the last horse: Death. Yes, let’s hope for the destruction of all life on earth. It’s just easier that way than having to keep enduring tragedy on earth.

How about we focus our energy and attention on doing our damndest to make sure events like last night’s shooting never happen again?

We are too busy searching for the silver lining.

2 thoughts on “Where was god last night?

  1. Hello from across the pond Ms. Leaving Wonderland,

    So I was tagged by my friend on a post from your blog last night asking if I’d assumed a new moniker and online blogging identity. Seems we have a lot in common, only in opposite journeys. I recently deconverted from my long standing position of pit of despair or as an “devout existential nihilist” as my hubby likes to refer to me as, to a Christian. We’ve asked a lot of the same questions- you should read my ‘where was god?’ Letter post 9-11 that I wrote while still living in Connecticut. But anyway, wondering if you were open for discussion and dialogue… or if you just needed a safe place to vent following the horrific weekend’s events? I certainly respect anyone who just needed to get their feelings down in writing, but if your open for discourse, I’d love to chime in on this perplexingly hard and urgently pressing topic.


  2. I am always open to discussion and dialogue about this or any of my posts. This is the first tragedy to come about since I left christianity and it seems so clear now that I wonder why it took me so long to see it. I had to justify and rationalize and find excuses for god’s inaction. In fact, much of christianity is trying to make things fit logically that do not match what you are seeing in front of your face.

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