Hyperpersonal Fluff

Throughout the history of the blogosphere, I’ve taken up some space with a few different blogs, but personal day to day stuff almost always results in oversharing of hyperpersonal information. I’ve always been open to a fault and my honesty can be off-putting. This blog is perfect because it’s something I’m passionate about and the topic focus keeps my personal life out of it.

Today, I was able to record my first podcast laying out some background info for Leaving Wonderland and I think it went well. However, even though the podcast will deal with a variety of topics, the subject of this blog in particular creates a unique quandary for friends and family who have otherwise been encouraging of creative projects. This blog speaks to things they’d rather not think about. This is a strange situation to process on my end. And I process through writing. This blog isn’t the spot to get all personal, but then it hit me today –

In a way, I’ve got the perfect solution right in front of me.

I have a membership platform on Patreon.com. I can create posts exclusively for Wonderland Members and pour out all the behind the scenes drama there! That offers me a bit of a buffer so not EVERYTHING ends up out in the world.


I think $1 a month is sufficient for access to personal thoughts, feelings, reactions to criticisms as well as the hate thrown at me from loving christian strangers. Funding the new podcast AND getting my own private little gossip chain?

Can you say . . . Win win!

And check this out, since the people closest to me just can not in good conscience support my pied piper path to hell, they’ll never be members and thus never be privy to the fact that anything they say (or don’t say) bothers me in the slightest.

patreon.com/leavingwonderland – Sign up and help me prove that yes, we DO need more secular female voices in the digital world.

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