Upcoming Podcast & Membership Rewards


As some of you may have heard, I am broadening the scope of my work on this blog to include a podcast that tackles other difficult topics in not only religion, but politics, culture, media, science, and public opinion. I you enjoy reading this blog and/or would like to be a part of the addition of a conversation/interview style podcast that opens up a platform for civil discourse about topics that are often too contentious to discuss one on one, consider becoming a Wonderland Member.

Members receive access to exclusive content not available to the public and rewards inspired by my work in communication, dating, & relationships. Rewards include but are not limited to the opportunity to contribute questions to Dr. Laura style Q&A episodes, livestream events, and even direct line relationship advice from me on a recurring monthly basis (advice available to 20 members only).

I have funded this project on my own since day one, but in order to successfully expand the scope of this work to include additional topics and new media, I need to open the doors to patrons who want to get on board.

You can become a member for as little a $1 a month!

Click me (below) to grow bigger.


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