Christian Violence

I just don’t get it. In the wake of the attack on Planned Parenthood and the discussion of white Christian males as domestic terrorists, I can’t help but think it is not only the extremists and political piranhas of the GOP that are completely off their rockers.

If Facebook is any indicator of the general Christian populous, then we are in more trouble than we think. Here are just a few of the shining lights of Christ that have popped up this week.

First of all, I’m not sure that is even what is going on in the picture above. Second of all, if it is . . Where in the bible did Jesus advocate handling your enemies by lining them up and creating a bloodbath? How can Christians reconcile these positions in their heads?

The next one cracks me up.

Because with all that is going on in the world, Jesus really needs you to affirm him on Facebook and the devil’s great victory is claimed if you keep scrolling. It is so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe I had more than one person post this in total seriousness.

Next, a license to enact violence without thought because the ‘enemy’ deserves no mercy, not even the decency of proper determination. No doubt if they look like ISIS, they must be. God has probably given you the gift of discernment to smell them out.

And finally, complete oblivious denial of any wrongdoing out there apart from mass ‘deception’.

This conspiracy denial is sickening. Imagine having gone through such a tragedy and then have people who know they’re right and you’re faking your grief because God. Imagine that for a moment. I am so embarrassed to have ever called myself a Christian.

Yes, I realize not all Christians are like these few but there are enough to completely tarnish the already damaged reputation of modern Christianity.

What is incredibly ironic here is that you can absolutely justify each of these asinine posts with the bible. You can justify the moderate Christian positions that reject these as well. If you have read the bible, you know the Old Testament is full of violence and even just the book of psalms offers so much hope for violent enemy retribution. However, the general idea within Christianity is that Jesus came ‘to fulfill the law’, which would make reciprocal violence unnecessary. And yet, so many Christians advocate violence even in the name of ‘humor’.

Besides the obvious contradiction between the Old and New Testaments, what bothers me is how the contradicting violence of the Old Testament and peace of the New Testament are not questioned. It should really be unsettling as a Christian. It should prompt questions. Why would God command such violence and then turn around and have such an immense love for each and every wretched individual so as to sacrifice himself to save them from his own wrath? And, wait . . . if he loves each individual so much, why does he want some dead and tortured for eternity? If he is making the rules, why is that even necessary? And if he IS a violent and jealous entity, how can he also be all-loving? Isn’t it really selective-loving?

Meanwhile, Facebook also reported god’s answer to prayer in finding the right apartment and other miscellaneous middle class issues that somehow get answered if you have the means and take action yourself. Maybe God is too busy finding just the perfect apartment for middle class white people in the U.S. to end world hunger or stop child abuse or even save one of the many people praying to him for safety and their prayers go unanswered.

This disparity was something that I purposefully did not think about as a Christian. If someone called attention to it, I would just know they were trying to use some atheist logic on me (yes) and we have a ton of apologists that have already thought through all of this and have come up with the answers. I simply continued on ‘in faith’ and didn’t question it further.

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