Congratulations Pro-Lifers

You are a loving pro-lifer who just wants to help the innocent. Perhaps you can explain to me what this whole defunding planned parenthood thing is all about because I just don’t get it.

Let’s imagine for a sec that planned parenthood is completely wiped out.

Will abortions end? No. We will just have back-alley abortions that put the mother at risk. Is she not as valuable as what’s inside her? You sleep good at night knowing you have saved the innocent lives. She dies on the table. Oh well, she was sinning anyway.

But let’s imagine the number of abortions decreases somehow – however we have also severely limited access to birth control. Well that’s ok because people shouldn’t be fornicating anyway.

Now you have hundreds of thousands of babies – even more so than you would have had with the small number of abortions because many of the births would have been prevented in the first place.

What do you do with all those babies?

Welfare? Adoption? Are there really enough willing adoptive parents to take in hundreds of thousands a year? Foster parents? Perhaps we should look into creating orphanages?

What is the plan for the huge influx of births that you are hoping to have?

Not to mention now that one of the largest reproductive health 1328094881684_8768313care centers has been shut down and so many people are not having pap smears, mammograms, . . no cancer screening. What happens to them? An even better question – why don’t you care?

What is the plan for all these lower income individuals that only had planned parenthood for their health care?

Their life is not as important as potential life? I literally makes no sense to me. How is unborn life more important than all of these people?? What is accomplished here?

So, since the church changed their official position on when life begins sometime after 1979 (see this article) now this is the reigning priority. It governs every political decision you make. It overrules Jesus’s teachings regarding caring for the poor, the hungry, the least of these.

Feel free to correct me although please don’t use the god will take care of them argument because the evidence suggests that no, he will not. This is their lot in life and statistically death will increase. If it does not, if there is not a correlation similar to what I’ve described here if planned parenthood is eliminated – I will bow down and forsake everything I own to take up my cross again.

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