Thought Experiment

If you’ve read the Bible (as I have) join me for this thought experiment . . .

Think about . . .31db1133b827dd0c78b04f2df4b21b45
– The tower of Babel
– Adam and Eve
– Instructions for slaves and masters
– Stoning as a punishment for so many things
– Lot and his daughters!
– Bashing babies heads against the rocks
– Killing of all the first born sons
– Women should keep silent in church
– A woman can not teach a man
– Blood sacrifice
– Painting doorways with blood
– Eating flesh and drinking blood
– All the bits of the Bible that make you cringe

If you are like I was, you have a reason for each and every one of those things and you’re probably offended that I am bringing them up out of context.

Now consider for one moment – just one moment – that the bible is an ancient text written by primitive men. Now look back up at that list.

See how suddenly all those things make sense and you don’t have to rationalize them?

8 thoughts on “Thought Experiment

  1. Reblogged this on Nina's Soap Bubble Box and commented:
    I think you almost have it to be able to completely break their cognitive dissonance.. I know that you just made me feel a lot better about humanity and I don’t mind we are both homo sapiens at all for just a moment.

    I always thought apologetics was to apologize or excuse “contextualize” those cringe bits, but then I found out that it’s actually keeping people in who are about to think for themselves. this might help you.

    You have laid out the steps well, but I don;t think they can generalize enough to stop drinking the kool-aid……

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  2. That’s the thought process I went through, too, as I deconverted. That the Bible is just an old book makes a lot more sense than what I had tried to believe for years – that it was the inerrant word of a deity. When the cost of cognitive dissonance exceeds the cost of leaving (socially, emotionally), deconversion happens.

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  3. These were the very things that angered me when I was a believer. Especially the story of Lot and his daughters. Not because it was necessarily worse than the rest of the list, but because the bible says that God considered him righteous! A man that offered his daughters to a mob of men to be gang raped, then later got so drunk that he impregnated both of them and somehow he was so drunk that he conveniently had no memory of either act of incest when he woke up! And that’s just fine with the god of the bible! Ummmm, okay? Knowing that my own conscience and moral compass far superseded those of the god I was worshipping was the real blow to my belief system. I’m so glad to finally be free of all that nastiness!

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    • YES! What is scary to me is that to my christian friends I am the crazy one now who has abandoned this god of the bible. It is so backwards and frustrating. The story of Lot always made me sick to my stomach. From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see all these stories with skepticism and disgust in many cases. It is sad how much you try to make it fit when you are a believer. I am so glad to be free as well. It’s a freedom beyond anything I ever had in ‘christ’. It is true intellectual peace.


  4. The space station thing with tower of babel is very interesting:
    christians says god scattered them because the tower of babel is the center of false religious worship and our modern skyscrapers are not symbols of false religious worship. Personally, I feel that something is really wrong with that reasoning.


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