You Have My Sympathy

Good morning. Last night I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even articulate it if I tried.

A Christian friend of mine posted something about defunding Planned Parenthood, which is timely and makes sense to share his view. The article was understandably biased. This friend and I have a history of intellectual discussions. In fact, we used to get together every week to discuss a new topic. So, I figured it was safe to share my 2 cents on the article.


A friend of his jumped in straight away. Now, let me preface this by saying I do not mind disagreement. I enjoy critical thinking and discussion. By all means, let’s discuss. But, this guy was so unbelievably condescending and smugly self-inflated. I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised because so many of us ‘intellectual christians’ are. I was, of course. I think that’s why it bugs me so bad – because I used to act like that.

Here are a few of the response gems I got.

“you have stated there are details in the article you are choosing to ignore in order to maintain your position on this subject. If you were willing to lift the restrictions in your first comment, this could be a more open conversation” – I stated no such thing by the way. 

“I know being well informed about a topic is a good base for forming an opinion, so when I hear the people on one side putting a great deal of effort into knowing as little as possible. This worries me”

“(Alice) is saying if she limits the information she will look at she can defend her view of what is going on. When there needs to be so much effort put into limiting knowledge of the details, it is time to rethink your views.”

I can go through and dissect each of these, post the whole conversation but it would be a waste of time. This guy was on attack mode. He didn’t address anything I was actually saying, yet accused me of being close minded and ill informed. I was not as enlightened as he because I had a differing opinion. Do you see the brick wall of faith logic? There is no discussion, no new information, challenging what they think (in most any topic) is futile because their position is ordained by God, hence the superiority.

Here is where it gets really annoying . . .

“(Alice) you can still rise above this. At the very least you’ve thought about today.”

“I fear this issue is not academic for (Alice), and if that is so, she has my greatest sympathy.”

UGH. I finally had to step in and say that out of respect for my dear friends, go ahead and get your last dig in if you must, but I’m out.

“You have my sympathy.”

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