Christian Disrespect for the President

I’m just going for it here. When I see incredibly insulting Obama memes, it is ALWAYS from a Christian friend. I have not once seen any of that disrespect from my friends of other faiths. Not once. Granted, this does not mean that all Christians do not like the President. It simply means that the ones I happen to know do. ha ha

Coincidentally, the only anti-vaxxers I know are also Christian.

Why is this problematic? For me, these positions are part of what first got me questioning what I believed in the first place. Why was I aligned with these people and all the scientists, educators, and intellectuals (with few exceptions) are more skeptical? That is not to say that being skeptical makes you part of the cool smart crowd, but there is something to be said for being able to think freely and critically.

Let’s back up a moment here. I remember when Obama was first elected and he was going to give a speech to school-age kids about staying in school. The contents of the speech were released before the speech was given. It was brief and inspirational and entirely focused on staying in school and getting an education. I remember my Facebook feed blowing up with believers who were telling their kids, their youth groups, to WALK OUT of the classroom when the President speaks and instead go and pray at the flag pole. I was absolutely appalled. I was a believer at the time and I was still appalled. Even if you do not agree with the President (which at that point, he was so green, it more likely disapproval of his political party affiliation), but even if you severely dislike him – SHOW SOME RESPECT for the position, for the office, for this country. What does it teach children when you tell them to completely disregard the leader of their country and essentially plug their ears so as not to let any new information in? I remember being so frustrated because wouldn’t it be more effectively to teach them how to think critically?? How to listen to others and evaluate information for themselves? The message was one of staying in school! Why disregard that message because you don’t like the messenger? Ugh. As you can tell, this still frustrates me to this day.

Then I log on FB today and see this gem.

So distasteful and disrespectful. And of course, from a right-wing Christian. When did Jesus act like an ass? I must’ve missed that part of the Bible . . . and trust me, I’ve read it cover to cover.

No one is perfect, but I happen to think President Barack Obama is one of the best presidents we’ve EVER had in this country. I don’t think we’ve ever had a president work so hard to stop violence against women here and around the world. He has spoken out about rape culture and helped change university practices for handling rape allegations. He condemned female genital mutilation and child marriage in his speech in Kenya. He consistently works to change this country for the better in the midst of incredible opposition and racism that still very much exists in this country. I have nothing but respect for the man.

However, even if you do not agree with his politics, as a Christian, shouldn’t you be kind? Didn’t Jesus counsel respect to Caesar, pay your taxes, don’t make Caesar graffiti memes (lol, you get the idea)? Wasn’t it the holier-than-thou religious leaders of the day that made him most angry? When would he be all about guns, female subjugation, and telling the poor to get off their ass and work for a living?

I suppose I should take this meme with a grain of salt as it is coming from the same Christian that posted this meme.

Clearly he is holier than us all.

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